My name is Skai and I'm from Boolaroo, which is in central Lake Macquarie.
I'm a mum to two (Zane 14 and Trinity-Jewel 9) and collect black cats (Currently at 4)

Ive been an artist since I could remember, and have been making pretty things in all mediums whenever my brain has an idea. I paint, draw, sew, weave, plant and potter,

and used mixed media and my fingers on all surfaces of my house and life.

I currently have been a family day care mumma for the best part of a decade and have

had the opportunity to love, care, nuture and create with over 50 different souls in my home. Its been and accidental calling that has lead me to be able to work from home, be a full time mum and full time worker and just play, paint and create everyday.

My sometimes husband and I have an addiction to renovations, which in itself if a form of art. We have built,designed and created our home from a rundown 2 bedroom cottage, and plan to keep making mess as long as there are walls that can be torn down and made better.

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